Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Gerbils located in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Welcome to Heavenly Heritage Farm....

The home of adorable, homestead sized animals such as           Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Dexter Cows and Gerbils!

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We were blessed with the opportunity to purchase 5 acres of pasture and some woods behind our house in 2011, so in faith, we went for it! Then my husband’s wonderful parents bought the old farm house attached to that property and joined our homesteading adventure. Our family goals are to enjoy our small homestead to raise HERITAGE breed animals for pets, 4H showing, and food! We have great heritage in our faith, family and farm animals, thus the name …..Heavenly Heritage Farm!



Our 2 daughters started in 4H and decided to show dairy goats.  We were attracted to the Nigerian Dwarf heritage breed of goats due to their size, fun personalities, health and heartiness, and of course their sweet milk with high butterfat content for making cheese, butter and yogurt! They graze in our pasture and woods, as well as enjoy Non GMO grain. The dwarf goats size and personality make it a lot easier for the girls to show in 4H!

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Nigerian-Dwarf-goats-macy2013In 2013, our 10 year old daughter, Macy, won BEST OF SHOW for Dairy Goats at the Knox County Fair as well as First for her age in Skillathon in Dairy Goat and Third place in Showmanship! In 2014, Macy won Grand Champ in her dairy class, Grand Champ in Pack Goat, Second in Daughter/Dam, and 5th place in Junior Showmanship. Our younger daughter, Lily, won First in her age category in Skillathon for Dairy Goats, Third in First Year Showmanship, Second in Intermediate Kid and Fourth in First Year Pack Goat. We look  forward to attending some ADGA shows and our County Fair each summer!

Dexter-cows-Fiona and Fergus


We also ventured into the heritage breed of DEXTER cows! Dexters are a smaller and dual purpose animal suitable for milking and meat. They are grass fed. We have birthed 3 heifers and 2 bull calves. We have butchered and enjoyed many a meat recipe from our Dexters!



 We look forward to selling some of the dairy goat kids we breed so our goats can be in milk for Fair and ADGA showing! Sometimes we sell Dexter cows too. And our daughter Macy is now into breeding and selling AGS registered Gerbils as well! Gerbil1

We hope you enjoy our website and that we may be of service in helping you find Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Gerbils for your pets, 4H projects or homesteading desires.

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