Irish Dexter Cows

Irish Dexter Cows are perfect cattle for a small homestead.  They are known to be a dual purpose cow, appreciated for both their beef and milk.   They can be horned and polled (born without horns) and the breed standard colors are black, dunn, and red.   We currently have 2 heifers for breeding and milk and 2 steer offspring being raised for beef.  Fall 2015 we added an Dexter bull for breeding.  We enjoy the personality, size, efficiency, and dual purpose qualities of the Irish Dexter Cows.

Irish Dexter Cows - Ferdinand SteerPaul with our new BULL Joseph as of 9/4/15








Joseph will breed Fiona and PIrish Dexter Cows - Joseph Bullhoebe

Fall of 2015 for Summer 2016 babies.






Irish Dexter Cows for Sale

We like to maintain a small Dexter herd of one or two breeding heifers while we raise the steers for grass fed beef.  So if we have female babies born, we offer them or the mom for sale unregistered or registered with Ohio Valley Dexter Breed Association.  For more information, click OVDBA.

Fiona with 2016 Red Heifer calf…………………………”Rowan”.  We will retain Rowan.



Rowan 2








Phoebe with 2016 Dunn Bull Calf………………………….Dude.  We will sell the mom Phoebe bred or unbred.