Nigerian Dwarf BUCKS

Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Nigerian Dwarf Bucks are easy keepers and great breeders.  Because Nigerian Dwarf goats are miniature the breed standard for maximum height is 23.5".  They come in a variety of colors.   Ours are Nigerian Dwarf bucks are very loving.  We take them to ADGA shows and are in ADGA's Linear Appraisal program starting in 2016 so we can best pair their strengths with our does strengths for breed improvement.     The Linear Appraisal Score is calculated by 3 categories:  

Bucks Linear Appraisal Categories and Scoring:

General Appearance  55% of the score

Dairy Strength           30% of the score

Body Capacity            15% of the score  


We are very excited to be leasing a buck with very strong milk lines this year!

Buck Valentino picture








Buck Valentino Dam's Udder

Valentino's Dam:

Double Durango Hot Tamale


BUCK LEASED from Colleen Peacock/Kid Dreamin


DOB: 2/18/16 


Sire:  Cool Springs Farm SZ CHILI
Dam: Double Durango HOT TAMALE 2*M GCH / 91 EEEE

SS:  Roshasharn SP SHAZAM +*B GCH / 87 VVV

DS:  AGS Brush Creek SF Talisman   ++B
DD: AGS Double Durango PANDA CHILI DOG 1*M





Dams 2nd Freshening 2016 LA 86 V+E+
Dam's Sister 2nd Freshening 2016 LA 86 ++EV
Carmela Udder shaved2
Grand Dam 3rd Freshening 2016 LA 82 ++EA



Heavenly Heritage WILDMAN - Sold

DOB: 5/18/2015  Blue Eyes, 2016 Linear Appraisal 84 +VV

General Appearance-Good+, Dairy Strength- Very Good, Body-Very Good

2nd Place Jr. Buck / ADGA Buckeye Classic 2015

Reserve Champion Yearling 2x / ADGA Buckeye Classic 2016

Sire: AGS Hillside Haven WII APACHE
Dam: Heavenly Heritage AKOYA

SS: AGS Hush-A-Bye Billy
SD: AGS Bigler Knox KH Belle Amie

DS: The Bucket Of Miracles            
DD: AGS Wild Pines Carmela




Axl 2yrs old

Twix Side udder
Dam's 4th Freshening 
Twix 4th freshening udder
Dam's 2016 LA 89 VEEV

Dynamite Farm Lil Red Wagon AXL -  Sold

DOB: 4/19/2015, Brown EyesPolled, 2016 Linear Appraisal 80 A++

General Appearance-Acceptable, Dairy Strength -Good +, Body -Good +

3rd Place Jr. Buck /  ADGA Buckeye Classic 2015

3rd Place Yearling Buck 2x / ADGA Buckeye Classic 2016

Sire: One Loves Here's The Big Bang  "SHELDON"
Dam: Cloven Trail Twix R For Kids  "TWIX" 2016 LA of 89 VEEV

SS:  Old Mountain Farm Magillian      
SD:  Tiny Tubbies Wendy     

DS:  Wildwind Farm Coco            
DD: Cloven Trail Pandemonium              




Heavenly Heritage YETI - SOLD

DOB: 5/18/15   Blue Eyes, 2016 Linear Appraisal 82 ++V

Grand Champion / Buckeye Classic 2016

2nd Place 2x / Buckeye Classic 2016

Sire:  The Bucket of Miracles
Dam: AGS Wild Pines LOVEY

SS:  The Norwhich Farm MOOFOO  
SD:  AGS Highstep IFL Make No Mistakes

DS: AGS Wood Bridge Farm Harvest Moon
DD: AGS New Moon DY Amethyst     





The Bucket of Miracles - Sold

DOB: 03/25/2012  Blue eyes (all 8 of his babies had blue eyes)

Sire: The Norwich Farm Moofoo  D1588140
Dam: AGS Highstep IFL Make No Mistake D-34715

SS: AGS Tiny Angels Outlaw         
SD: Tiny Tubbies Aphrodite

DS:   AGS Flat Rock Gem I Feel Lucky    
DD: AGS Promiseland Paula Sharker



Apache Buck_Fotor

Apache - Deceased

DOB: 2/15/2014  Blue Eyes (all 7 of his babies had blue eyes)

Sire: AGS Hush-A-Bye Billy
Dam: AGS Bigler Knob KH Belle Amie

SS: AGS New Moon GL Indigo Zuri             
SD: AGS Tempting Willows Saphira   

DS: AGS New Moon RH Knight Hawk           
DD: Wild Wind Farm R Almond Joy